Pipe Flange Manufacturers in India

Who We Are ?

Pipe Flange Manufacturer in India

We are a fully integrated, forging and machining manufacturer of Steel Flanges in Mumbai,India. we at Rexino Stainless having 30 years of experience as a Stainless Steel pipe flange Manufacturer & suppliers In India, Exporting more than 1700 companies to 30+ countries become us Trusted flange Manufacturer, we are producing complete lRange of Pipe Flange small and large diameter sizes, Including full rang of pressure classes in many various Steel material & grades, Stainless Steel Flanges, Carbon Steel Flanges and Duplex Steel Flanges.

We are Specialiest Manufacturer Of Following Steel Flange in India:

  Weld neck flange Manufacturer in India
  Blind flange Manufacturer in India
  Slip on flange Manufacturer in India
  Plate flange Manufacturer in India
  Loose flange Manufacturer in India
  Long weld neck flange Manufacturer in India

Why Rexino Stainless?

 Reasonable and competitive price of Steel Pipe Flange
 Reliable sourcing for raw material, include ingot, billet & bars
 High qualified competences in technical consultancy
 Flexibility in managing the client Specifications & Drawings
 Provide after-sales service to assure our steel flanges in good condition and be fit for effective use